I just ran across a real time audio processor that I can use to tweek my microphone before it gets to my radio, its called MB Process. As far as I can tell the softwares intended use is for mastering audio, but i have found that in combination with something like asio4all or Jack I can process the mic output through my computer and send it back to my Kenwood TS-2000….. I will be doing some testing and will post my final thoughts…… links below! 73 kc3hrs

MB Process


– 2 bands Automatic Gain Control

– 4 bands stereo dynamic expander

– 5 bands compressors

– Gain gate on AGC and compressors

– 5 bands limiters

– Limiter

– Brickwall final stage

– Audio scope – out signal monitoring
MBprocess can deliver variety of sounds, from clean to  hign density. It has been developed to be simple to use, without sacrificing quality.
Hundred of hours have been required for developing, listening, comparing with existing products, to make it high quality sounding.
MBprocess can be used in mixing, mastering, radio, TV, broadcasting. Others applications: When it is necessary to maintain a constant sound level, like podcasts, mixtapes, or from differents sources in a PC.




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